Business Interruption
Business Interruption and Major Insurance Claim services

migrate Losses from Business Interruption are often greater than other losses such as property and M&E damage. They can come in many guises including natural perils like floods, man-made disasters and supply chain breakdowns.

Many organisations may not have adequate insurance cover for all the risks they face. Cases where businesses suffer significant financial losses because of lack of cover occur with alarming regularity.

ZR consultants can assist organisations navigate the adjustment process following a loss, helping to produce timely and favourable settlements.

We can sit down and have detailed discussions about what happened and how the peril affected your business, help you understand the claims process, mitigate losses and quantify and document claims. We also help clients prepare interim claims so that they can request an advance payment to reduce their cash flow problems.

We can help by:

  • Identifying lost sales and customers
  • Identify the entire scope of the damage suffered, hence maximising your claim
  • Attributing lost business to direct physical damage
  • Establishing historical budget trends
  • Evaluating budgets and forecasts
  • Analysing economic factors
  • Identifying 'hidden' extra expenses
  • Documenting extra expense mitigation and capacity
  • Evaluating potential credits for "make-up" deferrals and additional locations
  • Documenting reasonableness and necessity of continuing expenses
  • Assisting in the determination of the indemnity period
  • Recommending appropriate recording mechanisms for the repair and replacement of record-keeping expenditures
  • Assisting in the determination of actual cash value (ACV)
  • Discuss your accounting policies and procedures and help you formulate a claim presentation strategy
  • Participate in meetings with the insurance company claim representative and their forensic accounting firm
  • Negotiating a final claim settlement on your behalf

ZR Consultants have substantiated and prepared large complex business interruption and property insurance claims. We were recently involved in a property and business interruption claim arising from one of the largest floods ever in the United Kingdom.

We will ensure that on completion of the project we will leave the client with lessons learnt and business continuity plans to guide them with the handling of future incidents.

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